Who I am

Growing up in an artist household meant that I've always been creating.

What has really brought me ahead in the last two decades is the possibilities that technology have enabled. Digital media creation is my jam, and this page is designed to showcase some of my work:


Stuff I do

My current main passion is video: shooting, lighting and editing and animating. These days, I mostly work in Premiere Pro and After Effects, but I'm equally comfortable in Final Cut Pro.

I'm also a keen photographer and co-taught a class in photographic composition in the past.

I also dabble in music and sound design and can often be found in my home studio, strumming, plucking and twiddling away.


A few more things

I run a small game school where we teach anyone to rapidly prototype game ideas in the popular game engine Unity.

More recently, I've started branching out into web and VR development. I'm also currently teaching myself 3D content creation with Blender.

Here's a short car animation I created from scratch:

And here's a donut:

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I'm constantly learning new things to push the envelope and keep my skills up to date. I've spent hundreds (if not thousands) of hours on sites like lynda.com (now LinkedIn Learning), Skillshare and YouTube to gain my current skillset.

Finally, I love to cook, brew craft beer and devise new cocktails (or really get the classics right!)